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Allen Schuler started his unique building company with the belief that "The Customer Comes First.", his son David has continued that tradition.

That's hard to do all the time, but every effort is made in this family owned and managed company. We are able to offer a different twist due to our past financial experience and the ability to advise our clients in matters of finance to make the best deal and best tax advantage for our clients. When asked, David says “We try our darnedest to build each of our homes the way we would build our own, but still allow the client to 'Have it their way.' This takes a lot of time with the client by my family, but the end result is a home we and the client are proud of. I dare say we build each home as unique as the individual owners. It's not unusual for us to sit down with our client when all they have is a rough sketch. We then do preliminary drawings and pricing, then fine tune the plan for their desires. A lot of work but a lot of fun.”

So if you want a unique perspective of home building contact David Schuler.

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