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 Inside every Discovery Builders’ home you’ll find the details, craftsmanship, and value that you’ve come to expect in a new custom home.  We’ve become one of Southern Indiana’s premier home building companies by listening to our customers and translating their visions and dreams into reality with our unwavering commitment to quality and customer service.  Each home we build offers a combination of superior design, quality materials and expert workmanship to deliver a meticulously crafted home of unmatched character and quality that is uniquely yours.  When you choose Discovery, you’re choosing a different kind of home builder.

  • Registered Builder with the Home Builder Association of Southern Indiana
  • Experience, Integrity, and Exacting Standards are what makes Discovery Builders the #1 Choice in Quality Homes
  • Discovery Builders has been building homes since 1992
  • Discovery Builders is committed to building the best designed, quality built homes that will stand the test of time.  Quality is an important and critical issue when Perfection is the goal
  • Discovery Builders is committed to building quality homes at reasonable prices
  • Discovery Builders’ team of skilled professionals provides personal attention to home buyers in order to make their dream home a reality
When you choose Discovery…you’re choosing a different kind of home builder.

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