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 Schuler Bauer Real Estate is proud to partner with Payload to allow 

you to electronically pay your earnest money via a quick and easy electronic format.

You can click on the link listed below to start the process or read on for more 

information regarding the safety and security of Payload!

Powerfully Simple and Secure

Earnest Money Deposits

Convenience and security for agents and home buyers

Check and wire payments are tedious and pose an ever-increasing fraud risk.

Payload Keybox is the Powerfully Simple and Secure way to pay Earnest Money Deposits.

No more

racing around town to get the payment in on time

No more

worrying about payment security

Just a simple and secure

1-step payment so everyone can get on with their day

How does it work?

Your admin has provided the secure payment-request link you’ll use to request and capture Earnest Money.

If you need help, contact your admin or:

Is this secure?

Payment fraud and data theft pose an ever increasing threat to real estate transactions.

Payload Keybox has passed the payment industry's most rigorous security and compliance tests, eliminating these risks for both you and your home buyers.

To learn how Keybox is safer than checks and wires:


Visit these help resources, or contact us directly by emailing [email protected]